Boosting folic acid

Boosting folic acidFolic acid fortification in food is a bid to reduce the risk of pregnancies affected by Neural Tube Defect (NTD).
Spina bifida is the most common type of NTD causing lifelong walking, bladder and bowel problems. More than half of the babies with NTDs are either stillborn or die shortly after birth. While mandatory fortification of bread with folic acid is now scheduled for 31 May 2012, the Ministry of Health recommends the following folic acid tablet intake for at least four weeks before and 12 weeks after becoming pregnant, or when you find you are pregnant:
  • Women at low risk of an NTD pregnancy – 0.8 mg (800 microgram) folic acid tablet daily.
  • Women at high risk of an NTD pregnancy (including women who have previously had a NTD pregnancy, have a family history of NTD or whose partner had a family history of NTD) – 5 mg folic acid tablet daily.
The folic acid tablets are available subsidised on prescription or can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies.
Source: Ministry of Health

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