HFG goes global!

Media release: NZ-owned magazine goes global
Magazine readers in the UK and Ireland are to get a food magazine that has been invented and cooked up in New Zealand.
Award-winning Auckland-based Healthy Food Guide magazine has been picked up internationally and will be published in the UK and Ireland.
It is believed to be one of the first ever New Zealand-created magazines to get international editions.
The independently-run New Zealand-owned magazine, which won the New Zealand magazine industry’s prestigious MPA Magazine of the Year award this year, is to be published under license by experienced publishers Eye to Eye Media, which also publish the UK version of upmarket food magazine, delicious.
“To be recognized internationally and launched under license is the ultimate stamp of approval for any publisher,” says the magazine’s managing director, Phil Ryan.
“They love this title and know the timing is right for the UK market.”
The magazine was launched in 2005 as a monthly consumer guide as to what foods are healthiest and how to prepare them in a healthy way.
It has been one of the country’s consistently fastest growing publications, with the latest official circulation figures showing a monthly readership of over 330,000.  Phil Ryan said it was “a great thrill to see all our hard work pay off.”
The UK edition will be launched on March 3rd 2011. There will be no change to the New Zealand or Australian editions, which will still be written and published in New Zealand and Australia respectively.
Phil Ryan said that Eye To Eye Media were established publishers, who turned out an impressive magazine of their own with delicious and would do a “brilliant job” with his title. He is looking forward to working with them as they develop the title in the UK.
For interviews, or further information:
Phil Ryan
09 304 0920

Eye to Eye Media website is
Seamus Geoghegan
+44 20 7775 7777



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