Brush up, Kiwis!Brush up, Kiwis!

One in 10 New Zealanders brush their teeth less than once a day.
The International Oral-B Powerbrush Study* reveals:
  • 82% surveyed New Zealanders said they don’t floss once a day
  • 75% said they don’t use a mouthwash
  • 11% of Kiwis surveyed said they would give up certain foods or beverages to prevent staining their teeth
  • 22% said they were reluctant to have their picture taken as they were self-conscious about their smile.
*The Oral-B Powerbrush Survey. The international survey of 2,000 respondents was commissioned by Oral-B and conducted by Perceptive Research in New Zealand (in November 2009) and Roper Public Affairs in United States.

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